Roger Montejano

About RM Online Mixing

RM Online Mixing is the online mixing service of Roger Montejano.

Roger is a professional mixing engineer -member of the Grammy® Recording Academy and the Audio Engineering Society- with hundreds of records on his resume.

All mixes are performed by Roger, at different world-class facilities depending on your needs. Be it pure analogue, or cutting edge Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio, you are covered.

Get your music the best sound possible. Start here.



  • Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio

    Dolby Atmos / Spatial Audio

    Offer your listeners the ultimate immersive experience. Mixed in Dolby® Certified studios.
  • Solid State Logic 9000J

    Solid State Logic 9000J

    An impressive 72 channels SSL 9000J.
  • Solid State Logic 4000E

    Solid State Logic 4000E

    Classic 48 channels SSL 4000E.
  • Neve VR

    Neve VR

    Characterful 48 channels Neve VR.
  • Custom Analog Summing Mixer

    Custom Analog Summing Mixer

    Custom Vintage Analog Summing mixer.

Sonic Excellence

Sonic Excellence

RM Online Mixing is the only online mixing service with 4 world-class analog mixing consoles available.

Each model is a piece of history that has been used on innumerable hits.

Any sound you're after, you'll get it.

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited Revisions

There's no limit to the number of revisions available.

The first rev is always free, and if needed, subsequent revisions use a convenient half-hour fraction fee that maintains the costs to a minimum.

We'll keep fine tuning each mix until it sounds exactly as you envisioned.

Mastering Included

Mastering Included

The mastering is included, so your songs will be ready to distribute worldwide, right away.

You can also choose to have the mixes delivered to any of the exceptional mastering engineers Roger has worked with in the past (other engineer's rates not included).