Is the mastering included


You'll receive both mastered and unmastered versions of each final mix. The mastered version can be used for worldwide distribution, right away.

As an alternative, I also offer –at no extra cost– the service of sending the mixes to any online mastering service, and discussing with the mastering engineer the sound we’ve crafted together and the results we are looking for.

If you don’t know of any mastering engineer for your project, I regularly work with many amazing MEs (see next question). We can discuss which one would be the most appropriate for your project.

Please note that each mastering engineer will have his or her own rates, with their own payment methods. These fees and its payments are not included in the mixing service.

Mixing and mastering are two completely different tasks, which demand completely different skillsets.

I encourage you to hire the services of a dedicated mastering engineer (in the same fashion that you are hiring the services of a specialized mixing engineer).