• Preparing And Sending The Files

Audio files accepted

I work with either Wav or Aiff files, preferably at 24 bits resolution and the higher sampling rate at which they were recorded.


How to prepare the files

All audio files must be consolidated, I'll send you a small doc with all the details on how to prepare the files for mixing.


Rough mixes & References

If you have one or more rough mixes of the song, please include them.

Also, if you have a certain sound in mind, it is useful to indicate some commercial tracks as an example (as in "I love the punchiness of the drums of song XXX, the overall tone of YYY and the crazy ambience of ZZZ").


Secure file transfer

If you want to send your files using a private system, just let me know and I’ll send you the details to send your files via SFTP to my private servers.