How long does it take to mix one song

It depends on the song and current workload, but you can expect a listening mix around three to five days after the files have been received and verified.

When mixing several songs, the process is more efficient. A whole album is usually mixed in about 10 days (although, again, you’ll receive the first listening mixes of some of the songs in about three days).

If you are in a hurry, please let me know in advance. Depending on workload, I’ll try to accommodate your schedule.


How many revisions are included

There's no limit to the number of revisions available, and the first revision is always free.

Once you’ve received your listening mix, take your time to listen to it in your trusted places (studio, car, iPod, etc.), and make sure the mix is everything you envisioned for the song.

If you feel some aspects need to be changed, just send the details, and you’ll receive a second listening mix soon after.

Subsequent revisions use a convenient half-hour fraction fee that maintains the costs to a minimum.

We'll keep fine tuning each mix until it sounds exactly as you envisioned!



How much time do I have to listen to the mix during each revision

Each revision includes a comfortable five working days time slot, which is a huge advantage of the online mixing service.

Instead of having to make quick decisions while in the studio, you have ample time to check the mix in all your trusted places (personal studio, car, headphones, etc.).

A great mix is not the one that sounds perfect in the expensive studio monitors, but one that sounds awesome in a variety of playback systems.


Can I send the changes before this five days period

Of course, you don’t have to wait five days to send the changes; you can do so as soon as you’ve reviewed the mix.

However, take into account that all changes in a revision must be sent together.


What is a revision (and what it is not)

A mix revision includes changes and tweaks to the mix that usually involve modifying instrument levels or EQ, amount of ambience, FX, etc.

In general, a revision includes anything that fits in a sentence similar to “[turn up/down] this [instrument/FX] in this [part of the song]”.

A mix revision does not include adding new tracks, replacing the original audio files with new ones, changing the song structure, or any other major changes to the song.


Are other versions of the mix included (TV, A Capella, etc.)

Not everyone needs these, so they are not included by default.

The regular mixing fee provides you with a stereo mix of the song, but of course, there’s no problem in creating other variations.

If you need extra versions of the mix, please let me know in advance (a small extra fee may apply).